Lolita and Steampunk Tea Party – Alice in Wonderland Theme

This weekend was our first tea party. We had some great people attend and the people that were in to steampunk there were discussing on making a regular meet in a bar around Portsmouth. This has pleased me as it shows what I am doing is working by bringing people along to meet and make the city a glorious place for people who are in to such a niche fandom.

We are aware that as our events are new and  we have to build our name around the city and beyond, we would also love feedback from the people that are attending so we know what we can do to make a more enjoyable day.12107100_10207979963281422_7246559976927052034_n 12109297_10207977093089669_6064028990940253145_n 11214212_10207504470757450_3098816784360725603_n 11254141_10207504469677423_7717195724573190368_n 12065700_10207504472957505_4228977983798277178_n 12072830_10207504470197436_5781485542742088479_n 12105760_10207979948361049_7181719384604767692_n 12106982_515715838602934_4636066708159361752_n

Moving on from this event we WILL be holding another tea party in the new year.

We would like to thank Angel Clothing for allowing us to have our event in their premises and to Kasha Kupcakes for the beautiful cakes.


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