2016 Adventure and why we needed the break

It has been almost a whole year since I last wrote anything on this website as had such a strange year with family and work. Firstly when the year started I unfortunately lost my Nan to cancer, this was very upsetting as we believed she would live to one hundred like her mother did. There was a message from my Nan at her funeral which she said that she had no regrets in all her life which got me thinking of making my life the adventure I have always wanted so maybe I could say the same.

With this I decided I need to concentrate on what is important to me and this year I decided to attend more places rather than organising events. I also wanted to tick a few boxes off my bucket-list and didn’t think by end of September I would have done so much of them.  But to achieve this I had to make sure depression did not sink in so I could be the same person making my family smile and enjoy life still. So I set a plan of making the most of our days off and going to see some wonders of the south coast of England and all the crazy events that people go to.

First off was sci-fi ball in Southampton (http://www.sfball.com)

Star trek captains chair, Sci-fi Ball 2016

We only went for the day but it was a friendly welcoming gathering for sci-fi fans. It was definitely not just a convention with stalls and celebrities. There were sections of crafts, props and games area that made the event more person friendly. They of course had a trader room with an exhibition of star trek costumes and steam punk clothing, there were set times to get autographs and photos from the celebrities in the down stairs bar area. It was very well organised and I would love to attend again, I won’t however go into too much detail as it really is an event you have to be there to understand why it has been running for so long and is still having such a good attendance.

We then had a quiet period where we done the usual family things; playing games in doors, having DVD days, visiting farm etc; which was nice but we was saving our energy up for the spring and summer. My birthday and Easter was approaching and two events were on the horizon. Through the looking glass event in Eastbourne ( facebook.com/Through-the-looking-Glass) and Stabcon south in Southampton (http://stabconsouth.com).

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Through the looking glass was a nice family event with all things steam punk; clothes, accessories, tea duelling, Alice in wonderland maze. The venue was old and suited this event. Again a well run event which was free to attend and although the attendance wasn’t amazing it had a good feel to it, with authors, sci-fi and convention celebrities, craft area it helped to make the day longer as if it was just a convention style I don’t think it would have been amazing. I am hoping they do this again and make a success of what this could end up being.

Stabcon although a really good event to go and play board games it really wasn’t family friendly. We ended up sitting  with the only other couple that had a child and played games that was age appropriate for a 5 and 6-year-old. I will attend again but maybe not with Belle next time.

This then started leading up to the summer which this year was mega busy for us. I will not bore you with details and will add a gallery of pictures to show where we have been and I will be happy to discuss what they were like in the comments but one event stood out, one that I have been wanting to go to for years and that was summer solstice at Stone Henge. From the minute we got there it felt like magic in the air, people singing, playing drums, thousand upon thousands of people walking to the stones just to see the summer come in. Belle was dancing to the music and loved every part of it. There was no aggressive behaviour, no one’s face looked miserable. We spent some time at the stones and joined in with the dancing and the music then watched the sun set. It seemed like it was setting for ages. Had coffee and donuts from one of the vendors and sat on a rug and took in the air. Belle then went back to the camper van with my mum so me and Amy went back to the stones for a bit. I was just amazed at what happens here that you just can’t put into words but this event made me think I need to sort things out and make something of myself. As we were walking back to the van at about midnight we still saw thousands of people walking up, adults with children, groups of teenagers and young adults, elder people, foreign visitors, it really is a place for every one and I’m glad I have been and want to make it a ritual to go every year. What topped it off for me was having a lovely free curry from the Krishna’s.

Summer bought us a lot of fun and again some heart ache. Holiday on the Isle of Wight, Shipwrecked Pirate Festival at Appley beach, London film and comic con (where we met Tobin Bell, jigsaw from saw movies and he was more interested in talking with Belle), New Forest Fairy festival, camping on Isle of Wight, My Little Pony tour in Brighton and many other events, places of attraction and finding unique venues, shops, bars  that would usually be missed as just a “different” place. In this time my granddad had gone to be back with my Nan and again the funeral made me want to be better than look back and have no regrets. The fun this year though has outshone the bad, just as my Nan would have wanted.

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So while I  have been enjoying myself I have been gathering information, learning how to make what  I have achieved even better.Why am I writing this blog post and what are my intentions? I tried to set the social geek as a way for people to find new things, to experience the world as I do. I tried this with events and yes they were good and yes I will hope to do more but with work I have done and researching best interaction with people I am now more focused on how my goal can be met. This post is to say life changes dramatically sometimes and it changes the way you think, so now the social geek will be a place of where have we been, what is out there. We will have event, venue, places of interest and product reviews and recommendations, we will be setting a page for a directory for these, and we will be bringing in a new YouTube channel called Little Miss Belle. Hopefully you will enjoy our adventure in life and we will be happy to see yours as we love to know people are enjoying their self as much as us.



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