Twozies Party Package

Today Belle received a package which contained 51 Twozies foil bags, Party Invitations, Stickers, Poster and Party Cards. This was a competition I entered for her from Sparkle World Magazine advertisement which 200 people would get this package.

Initially there should have been only 24 foil bags for the party but there were extras in so we let Belle open up the rest (naughty I know). Unfortunately there was no matching Baby and Friend and we had quite a few of the same one’s (damn you Jangles!!!) Belle absolutely loved coming home to this today and is looking forward to hosting her party with five of her friends soon, which she will be deciding on who to invite this weekend.

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Now we will be coming up with ideas on how to make the party nice for Belle and her friends. Will have to find a way of making a Twozies cake and some extras to fit in with the theme. If anyone reads this and has any ideas we could do would be highly appreciated




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