London Gaming Market

A little late in talking about the London Gaming Market as we went on the 6th November but I have to discuss as it was such a great day out with Belle.

Firstly before I talk about the event I was amazed at how good my little girl was around London with just me. This is her third time in London and first time with just one parent. While we heard other parents screaming and shouting at their children to behave and stay with them Belle done what she was asked to first time. As a parent I felt proud that she done this and will happily take her to busy places again as she can be a very good girl as we talk to her like a human being rather than shout or speak to her like the way they say in the books.

London gaming market does what it says on the tin. This was held at The Royal National hotel in Russel Square which was quite easy to find from the tube (just followed my fellow geeks to be sure). When we got in there were two tables at each door for entrance and at £5 for an adult and under 14 free it was well worth the money. One side was full of retro console and video game sellers with the odd other geek culture products and craft makers and the other side was board game sellers and designers.

The first part of the morning it was so busy you could not get a proper look in so I decided to go and speak with a designer that may be coming to my meet up in February Behrooz Shahriari with his games that he makes under the name of Stuff by Bez. We played his game In a Bind Junior which was a great fun party game, I won’t go too much into this as I will be writing a review on this later. Bez was a great guy and we are looking forward to seeing him again soon. We also bee-lined to Yay! Games area as Amy and Belle wanted their game Ominoes which is live on Kickstarter now.

With the hustle and bustle going on we decided to pop out quickly for lunch and to go back when it may be a little quieter which was a good idea as in the afternoon there was space to breathe there. During the afternoon we had a look at the video game area and played Street Fighter, Mario Bros and Mario Bros 2 on retro and new consoles. Belle really wanted an old GameBoy but as it was a collectors market they had collectors price marks and I was there for more boardgames as 42 just isn’t enough to e a collection. We had a chance to sit down and be shown Sandcastles by Yay! Games before we left which I think is on out radar for next game to pick up now. Sandcastles is a tile laying game which you have to make castles and towers to score points with a element of trying to win the points over your opponent mechanic in there. It is a very good game for people with children, so if you are looking for games that may be different from your norm like Monopoly to play at Christmas I would say Yay! Games and Ina Bind Junior by Stuff by Bez would be a good choice.

The only thing I felt missing at this day were independent video game designers. With these I think it would be a winner with me so I can only give this event an 8/10. Next one is on the 19th March 2017 so if you are a keen gamer or love your retro games I would say go but make sure you have a few hundred with you as you will need it.


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