Ominoes by Yay Games

We first found out about Ominoes at London Film and Comic Con in July of this year as Yay Games had a demo area, Amy and Belle wanted to see what the game was like.  Personally I am not usually a fan of games like this but I actually enjoyed it so once I saw them again at London Gaming Market I knew I had to pick this up.

This is taken from Yay Games kickstarter on Ominoes to explain a little about what the game is about;

‘Players are aiming to collect groups of their chosen Egyptian gods to score points. You can collect Horus the green falcon, Apep the red snake, Ra the yellow sun or Khepri the blue scarab beetle. Each roll of a new OMINOE dice will trigger a move on the board – sometimes you will move your own Ominoe and sometimes you will be moving other players’ Ominoes as you compete to collect groups of 4 or more of your gods.’


Having played this game every time with Belle this year she has understood very well of the rules and has won most times. It is a great dexterity game for families and can help the children with problem solving like Chess does and also help with maths while adding your points.

This has been timed at a 15 minute game which makes it a great filler before playing some other games or a long campaign game but with little ones I would say it takes around half an hour especially on the first time playing.

15179098_10210740050764928_4217954505012277826_nOminoes is currently on Kickstarter and is doing very well with while I write this being just over £500 under target.

Yay Games have become a winner in our house and looking to buying their other range in the new year.



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